Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Album of the Moment!

Music City Soul (internet rip)

Track Listing:

1. Every Time You See Me Smile [DL]
2. Ain't That A Lot Of Love [DL]
3. After You [DL]
4. No Man's Land [DL]
5. The Queen Of Starting Over [DL]
6. Black Butta [DL]
7. Saviour [DL]
8. Time Is On My Side [DL]
9. Why Me Why You Why Now [DL]
10. Tell Me I'm Wrong [DL]
11. Trade It Up [DL]
12. Back To You [DL]
13. Uptight [DL]
14. Rocksteady [DL]
15. After You - Radio Edit [DL]

These are low quality rips as the album is now out and I want people to support this chick! However, the album below is a normal quality CD rip..

Bonus Track: No Mans Land - Tenesee Version **Coming Soon**

Review Coming Soon!

OUT NOW!!! >>>BUY HERE <<<

Voice; The Best of Beverley Knight


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